Tandoori Chicken Bites, Vegetable Koftas, Samosas, Chapatis - you will find all these in Manju Malhi’s fifth cookbook.

This wonderful collection contains over 70 authentic Indian recipes each one accompanied by a full-page and coloured photograph.

Manju’s book is accessible for anyone from the newbie chef to the Indian cooking connoisseur; she has compiled the materials (and know how!).

The opening chapter covers an encyclopaedia of spices you need for your rack, as well as covering the basics of the cuisine, with recipes for chutneys, raita, breads and rice; what follows is an array of fresh, easy Indian recipes; ending the book is a beautifully arranged collection set menu plans.

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Covering any event and allowing you to self-cater, from a romantic dinner for two, a midweek family meal, to a fully-fledged cocktail party with all the trimmings.

Manju makes suggestions for the best, most flavourful dishes, along with an extremely handy time plan, letting you know exactly when to start making a dish, how long it will take and when to start the accompanying dishes - all to maximise your time and effort.

Manju Malhi is a teacher, writer and award-winning chef. Easy Indian Cookbook is her fifth cookbook.

Brought up in London, Manju learned the art of Indian cooking from her family and family friends. Manju appears regularly on British TV, BBC, ITV and Sky.

The Easy Indian Cookbook by Manju Malhi is out on 10 March 2020 priced £14.99

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