Royalty, culture and tradition form the foundation of Bukhara, which is echoed in their regal inspired menu. 

Named after the historical city of Bukhara, whose rich Islamic culture dates back millennia, a taste of the Sultanic East can be explored through the unique cuisine they provide.

One of two restaurants, with a sister restaurant in Salmsbury, Bukhara prides themselves on catering for the Islamic tradition by creating an alcohol free environment and providing prayer facilities.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will experience a warm and friendly welcome.

The minimal contemporary décor creates a modern feel and the pendant lighting adds a touch of sophistication.

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However, if the rich history of the name had been reflected in the décor, the opulence of the Sultanic East would have provided an even better ambience for the diner – food for thought.

The menu boasts a sufficient number of unique dishes, many of which have been inspired by royal eastern traditions.

The Till Mill Jhinga, a prawn appetiser, created with an array of delicately blended flavours, creates curiosity in the taste buds. And the flavour of the tandoor adds another dimension to the taste – this is most definitely a favourite!

Another flavoursome appetiser which tantalises the taste buds is the Murg Malai Tikka.
Presented honourably on a plate, the tikka oozes elegance with the delicate aroma of cardamon that encapsulates the senses.

When visiting this restaurant, the speciality dishes must be tried.Namely, the roast leg of lamb - for which at least a day’s notice is required. This culinary delight oozes the rich splendour of the east, with its flavoursome spices and tender, succulent meat.

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Accompanied with perfectly cooked roast potatoes and a lush green salad, this dish most definitely befits a king.

To end a royal feast,what could be better than an aromatic Kashimiri Chai, more commonly known as pink tea.

The addition of ground pistachios contrasted beautifully with the pinkness of the chai and the hot steamy temperature was ideal, yet there seemed to be a slight lack of flavour – a hint of the fragrant aroma of star anise would have given the chai the subtleness of flavours it needed for a regal end to the meal.

Eating out isn’t just about the food, it’s about the whole dining experience. 

At Bukhara’s the quality of food, the service and ambience are all good.

This is an ideal place for families as well as gatherings with friends or colleagues. And if you don’t feel like dining out, you have the option of ordering a takeaway and having it delivered.

The Bukhara Manchester is based on Cheetham Hill Road.