There was more joy for Shakeeb Ali after he overcame Ibrar Riyaz on points (60-54) in Wigan.

Shakeeb admitted it was a tough bout, “I did alright. It was my first six rounder and I won every – what more can you ask for.

“I had to keep my calm and I didn’t want to rush things and don’t do anything stupid.


“I can’t remember getting hit with anything. I enjoyed myself. I think it is time to step things up now.

“I train hard and I wasn’t strong as I wanted to be. I done my job tonight.”

He later revealed his next fight would be a hotly anticipated clash with Qasim Niaz, “I am fighting Qasim Niaz in Blackburn on December 2.

“It is about the fans and they get to see a good fight.”