A YOUNG cricketer who suffered a brain haemorrhage during a match is hoping to be given the all-clear to get back onto the playing field.

Hashim Akhtar was playing in a Twenty20 match for Astley Bridge CC a year ago when he collapsed in the toilets of the Sharples Park ground and was later placed in an induced coma.

The 19-year-old came out of the coma at the beginning of July and was discharged from hospital in September.

He has done some training with his teammates already and has an appointment to see a consultant at Leigh Infirmary on Thursday, when he hopes to be told he can start playing competitively again.

Hashim, who was due to be watched by Lancashire cricket scouts before he fell ill, said: "I feel like I am ready to start playing again, training has been okay so far.

"I just want to be back out there playing cricket and I hope that's what the consultant will let me do after next week."

The former Ladybridge High pupil was studying for his A Levels at Bolton Sixth Form when he collapsed, but has now been offered a place to study politics at the University of Salford based on his predicted grades.

The teenager, who lives with his family in Deane, had an operation to remove a blood clot from his brain after he collapsed.

Hashim's mum says she has been delighted with her son's progress and spoke of her pride in the hard work he put in to recovering both physically and mentally.

Mrs Akhtar said: "He is doing very well, he is improving all the time.

"He has been back in cricket training and he has an appointment to see his consultant next week to see if he is fit enough to start playing again.

"Hashim thinks he is ready to play, but we will wait and see what the consultant says.

"We are very hopeful that he can start university in September and hopefully we will get good news on that next week.

"Cricket training started in February and he has done some indoor and outdoor training since then.

"He is getting there, he is probably 90 per cent fit again.

"We are really pleased with how he has recovered. It makes us so happy to see him out playing cricket again and to see him getting back into his routine.

"He goes to the gym at Bolton One every day to help build his body back up and he is doing really well."

Hashim's father, Fawad, was a cricket pro for Bolton, Darcy Lever and Bolton Indians and brother Haaris is also a promising cricketer.