Virat Kohli has alerted counties to his interest in playing first-class cricket in England before India's next tour in 2018.

The India captain, prolific in his team's Test series win at home to England over the past five weeks, explained his plan to try to attune himself to conditions before the two teams meet again.

Speaking in Chennai before the final Test of a series India already lead 3-0, the 28-year-old made it clear he would jump at the opportunity to play county cricket.

"If I have a chance I would love to do that, " he said.

"I would love to be there for a month and a half beforehand, getting used to playing in the conditions, understanding what the wickets play like in that phase of the year."

Kohli could average only 13.4 on his previous tour of England in 2014 when India lost 3-1, but he has racked up 640 runs at 128 in this winter's rematch.

He will be happy to take the extra time needed to try to make his second Test tour of England more successful than the first.

"If I have the opportunity to go there ... that would be great," he said.

"I have actually been thinking about it and trying to work out how I can make it happen.

"Most definitely, if I have time, I would love to."

Kohli also offered his opinion on the suitability of Joe Root as England's next Test captain, should Alastair Cook step aside in the new year as has been strongly suggested in some quarters.

Captaincy appears to have had a favourable impact on Kohli's batting, or at least has coincided with an improvement in his output.

Whether that might happen to Root he is unsure, but he certainly sees the Yorkshireman as captaincy material.

"It depends on the individual," he said.

"(But) Joe is an outstanding player. He is very positive, and he always thinks of any situation as an opportunity.

"I don't know what captaincy will do to that. Captaincy is not just about the 10 guys (with you) on the field or having a squad and interacting with the management.

"It comes with a whole package of interacting with the media, having people expect things out of you in a different way - having the onus of the country on your shoulders as far as the sport is concerned."

Root could very well have the right credentials, according to Kohli.

He added: "Joe looks like he has the temperament to do it.

"But you can only tell when he actually gets into the scheme of things - and how he will react, only he can answer that question.

"From what I have seen in how he conducts himself on the field, he has been a great batsman for England and I think he is equipped enough to handle that job as well."