THE FAMILY of a talented young cricketer who suffered a brain haemorrhage were delighted to have him home to celebrate Eid.

Hashim Akhtar has been in hospital since May after he suffered a haemorrhage while playing in a Twenty20 match for Astley Bridge Cricket Club.

He was found collapsed and was placed into an induced coma which he came out of at the beginning of July.

During the course of his recovery he has been allowed out for a couple of days at a time to spend time with his family but this week’s visit home was allowed to be extended to allow him to join in the celebrations.

He said: “Coming home is always good.”

The 18-year-old’s mother said they had not been able to celebrate ‘little Eid’, which happened in July, because it was the day Hashim came out of his coma.

She said: “Last Eid we were in Salford Royal Hospital because Hashim was just waking up, we didn’t really feel like having a celebration.

“He had been in ICU for three weeks and we were losing hope but thanks to Allah he has pulled through and it is amazing to have him home.”

Family, friends and neighbours all turned up at the Akhtar’s Rankine Terrace house in Deane on Monday for their Eid celebrations.

Hashim’s cousin Sakib ‘Zak’ Afzal was with him when he collapsed in May.

He said: “I was there watching when it happened, he came off and he was fine then as soon as the team went back out to field everyone was shouting ‘Where is Hashim?’’

“I went in the shower room and found him collapsed on the floor. So to find him like that in May and then see him here no enjoying Eid is fantastic.

“It is a big weight of our shoulders. The cricket lads are hoping that he will be back playing soon because he was a big loss for the team.”

Hashim was studying for his A Levels at Bolton Sixth Form when he collapsed.

Family of cricketer Hashim Akhtar overwhelmed by support for teenage star

Mrs Akhtar said: “He has been progressing really well and has been remembering more and more.

“He has remembered about his A Levels and realised that he didn’t take them but even though he didn’t take them Salford University have offered him a place next year to study politics.

“He has already come on really quickly and everyone is so excited to see him. It will be great to hopefully have him soon.”

Mrs Akhtar was hoping that Hashim would finally be discharged from hospital by the end of the week.

She said: “I am having a meeting with his doctor and hopefully he will be able to come home.

“His therapy has been gong well and mentally he is developing well too. Last week we had to push him around in a wheelchair and now he is walking with crutches himself.

“Luckily he was got his age on his side which helps his recovery, we are all really proud of him.”