The Blackburn candidates for the general election took part in a live debate at the Cathedral today But things were overshadowed by the actions of one candidate.

In attendance were Jack Straw (Labour), Michael Law Riding (Conservative) and Paul English (Lib Dem).

But Independent candidate Bushra Irfan was insistent on taking part in the event.

Organisers did not feature her on the panel but Bushra's election agent and Bushra herself were keen to find out why and claimed they had been sent an invitation via e-mail.

But the manner in which they behaved did little to impress anyone.

This being a Cathedral and the house of God should have been enough to force Bushra and her handful of supporters to leave with dignity or watch the debate from the audience.

If this had been a mosque there would understandably have been uproar but should one behave any differently because this is a Christian place of worship?

Tempers did get heated and voices were raised but is it not up to the organisers to choose who they invite and not candidates to impose themselves on such events?

If you claim to 'representing the Muslim community' then you should have the dignity to behave as a true Muslim would.