If you have been to a major fashion show in recent years the chances are the models and the presenters were made-up by Mariah Khan.

This year Mariah Khan celebrates 10 years since she set-up her salon and in that time she has become one of the most sought-after artists in the country.

She has worked at the IIFA awards, the Zee Carnival and the Asian Bridal Show. She has also lent her support to a whole host of North West melas.

And later this month she will showcase her work at the Fusion Awards.

As well as offering a range of hair and beauty services, Mariah’s Salon on Whalley Range, Blackburn, has a steam room and a sauna for ladies really wanting to relax and revitalise.

She said: “I wanted to establish an exclusive boutique which offered hair and beauty services at a high quality.

She is expert in all types of skin tones and hair colours. Facials, threading, eye-treatments and hairstyling.

“In recent years we have become almost synonymous with brides who want to have that natural but exclusive look no-one else has got.

“It is important to stay in touch with the latest fashions and at Mariah’s I think we go to extra lengths to ensure brides to be are given the latest ideas.

Her hair and make-up courses have proved popular with trainees travelling from across the UK to learn from one the best professionals in the country.

“There is one of training and then a week of hands-on work experience. I have found girls really need to work in a salon environment to learn the best techniques.”

Mariah has been the official Fusion and make-up artist since our 2006 event.

Mariah told us, “Ever since I started doing the Fusion Fashion show I’ve really enjoyed it.

“A Fusion event is unique in its own way. But like all major events there is very little time during rehearsals and then during the event itself.

“As a make-up artist you want the models to look their very best when they go out and have to work very fast to ensure they do.”

Backstage the clothes designers, make-up artists and hairstylists are all trying to complete their own jobs. It’s all just rush rush.”