Members of Muslim and Jewish business community attended the Muslim Jewish Forum's third Business Networking Event.

Held at Hale Barns, Cheshire, the subject matter this year was ‘The property Game: Tips & Hints’.

The attendees networked and made new, and renewed, contacts with fellow businesspeople and new opportunities were explored.

Following the food and a break for Magrib prayers, the focus of the event turned to two informative, helpful and very entertaining presentations.

Michael Samuels, CEO of Great Oak Capital Limited, a property investor and internationally respected property consultant with more than 30 years residential property experience, and Emma Nawaz, owner of Blackstone Solicitors, a well respected and tenacious young solicitor who specialises in property and commercial litigation, engaged the attendees with their erudite insights.

Michael Samuels exaplined that the best ways to discover the most suitable properties that may be available to purchase for renovation and onward profitable sale was by networking and "walking the street".

He gave several examples of finding properties not on the market but with the potential for sale, and how they had turned a sizeable profit. He imparted useful tips around creative negotiation skills as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Emma Nawaz stated that she did not like to give up on any task, and gave a number of examples of how she had pursued cases that emphasised her tenacity.

She stressed that many property legal problems which at first seemed insurmountable to her clients were, in fact, solvable with the right advice and guidance.

She also explained that the Land Registry were often very helpful in putting right errors and that finding solutions was usually preferable to pursuing expensive legislation – although she loved the latter!

The Event was hosted and chaired by Muslim Jewish Forum committee member, Shahid Saleem. Co-Chair of the Forum, Jonny Wineberg, gave the vote of thanks.

Jonny Wineberg added, “The support for these events has been exceptional and it shows that our communities have much to offer each other.

"We have been fortunate to attract such high quality presenters and hope to continue to do so with our next event in the New Year, ‘Psychology Goes to work’.