She is being described as the Asian Lady Gaga but will she live up to the hype?

With her quirky blue hair, ‘Gaga-esque’ style and powerful Bollywood inspired Hindi vocals, singer-songwriter, Syrene, is set to be storm the Asian music charts with her first track.

Her first track ‘Main Hoon Deewani’ by the feisty singer, is a catchy high octane track.

Drawing influences from legends such as the late great Mohammed Rafi, and the sounds of Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, Syrene aims to make her sound, yet contemporary.

In 2011, Syrene approached renowned producer Shayal to bring her Bollywood influences up to date and together they created her first single ‘Main Hoon Deewani’, together crafting a super-cool video for the track.

The video represents anybody who has ever been in a situation where they are trying to attract the attention of loved ones.

Syrene not only writes her own songs but also choreographs all her routines too and has been instrumental in the final look and feel of the video.

Syrene said: “Working with Shayal and his team has been a dream come true. This is the opportunity I've been practising, rehearsing and generally been chasing all my life. Excited to be sharing my passion and my story is a total understatement.”

Main Hoon Deewani is released on 12 July 2012 via iTunes