An out-of-control car left a trail of destruction as it hurtled across a railway station forecourt just minutes after the area was packed with people.

The Audi A3 smashed into a parked vehicle and demolished two metal bollards before crashing into the front of a deli at Keighley Railway Station.

Incredibly, no one was seriously injured.

Less than ten minutes before the dramatic incident, passengers from two trains arriving simultaneously at the station were making their way through the area.

"It was extremely lucky that this happened at just the moment it did when the forecourt was quiet," said John Mitchell, owner of Nana Nellie's.

The car finished-up embedded in the front of the Station Bridge premises, which were closed at the time.

There was damage to the building's door and its frame and a bollard was sent flying inside.

"Fortunately the building is extremely solid so it withstood the impact of the crash but there's probably about £2,000 worth of damage to the door area," said Mr Mitchell.

"It was a bad incident but it could have been so much worse.

"Just a little earlier or a bit later when trains arrived it would have been busy and people don't tend to be looking around them as they come out of the station – they are often distracted with their mobile phones and have their heads down."

The drama unfolded at about 10pm last Wednesday, when the Audi careered off Bradford Road.

It struck a parked Toyota Avensis taxi – in which the driver was sat – outside the Central Private Hire office, before continuing across the forecourt, smashing bollards and finishing-up in the deli.

Police attended, together with two ambulances and a Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) clinical supervisor.

A YAS spokesman said two people were taken to Airedale Hospital – one complaining of neck pains, and the other as a precautionary measure.

Mr Mitchell said he was alerted to what had happened through a phone call from his daughter and arrived at the scene within about 20 minutes.

"The Audi was wedged in our door and quite a large crowd of people had congregated," he added.

"Police wouldn't allow us into the premises at that point."

Central Private Hire said its driver was severely shaken but not seriously injured.

"The car was a write off but fortunately the driver's OK," said a spokesman.