Al-Mustafa Mosque and Educational Centre held a successful Mosque Open Day which aimed to promote community cohesion and build links between people of different and no faiths.

The event was well attended by people from across West Yorkshire including the local churches.

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Also in attendance were Martin Speed, Commander, West Yorkshire Fire Service and Andy Battle, Assistant Chief Constable, West Yorkshire Police.

Attendees had the opportunity to visit an exhibition set up at the mosque, ask questions and watch live prayers. A short presentation about Islamic beliefs was also delivered as well recitations from the Qur'an and Islamic songs and poetry by young Nasheed recitor, Ismail Hussain.

David Lynas, one of the organisers said, "The turnout at our first Open Day has been great. We are humbled by the amount of love and interest shown by all the attendees.

"It was fantastic to meet new people and share food and conversations together. We hope to organise more events like this in the future to bring our communities together and build strong relations".

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Hamzah Khan, Director of Al-Mustafa Centre said, "We asked David to organise this event with the intention of bringing people together and developing community relations. We live in a time of much fear and division. 

"Living in a city like Bradford, it's so important that all communities make a conscious effort to  come together, to get to know one another and to build trust and friendships.

"This is the only way that hatred and fear can be combated. Today's event is testimony to the fact that people are willing to give one another a chance and that Bradford can truly become a cohesive multi faith and multi cultural society.

"All it takes is for people to give one another a chance."

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