Tara Priya is set to take the UK by storm with her first single Rollin’.

Set to an incredibly catchy and upbeat jazz inspired tune featuring horns and saxophone, Tara’s smoky and sultry soulful voice is guaranteed to capture audience’s imaginations both in the UK and internationally.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Tara combines vintage soul, poetic lyrics, and a dash of pop to provide relief from today’s Auto-Tune avalanche.

The great-niece of the famed Middle Eastern poet, Sohrab Sepehri, Tara has art in her blood.

Her journey to musical stardom started early - piano and poetry began at 4, drums at 9, opera training commenced at 11and her incredible jazz voice added in high school!.

Anxious to focus solely on music but reluctant to drop out like her Columbia inspirations (Alicia Keys and Lauryn Hill), Tara sped through school and graduated in 2.5 years with a BA in Economics.

She returned to California to write and record, releasing her first her self-titled EP that features the debut track Rollin’ along with five other tracks that showcase her versatility, talent and song-writing skills.

There is no doubt that Tara is a rising star, having already been recognised in the US, where she is busy collecting a host of accolades including being named one of The Deli Magazine's Top 10 "Best Emerging Artists of 2010" and winning both the Great American Song Contest, and the Dallas Songwriters Contest. In March of this year, Tara achieved every new stars dream by winning the 18th Annual Billboard Song Contest.

An amazing live performer, Tara has already performed at a number of festivals including the Miami Music Festival, Canadian Music Fest, and the Midpoint Music Festival. Her most recent and exciting live experience was at the Bacardi Music Festival in Pune, India in November.

Tara said, “Music is my first love and there is nothing as exciting as seeing it come to life and for it to be enjoyed by other people. Rollin and the rest of the EP is just the start for me, and I can’t wait to see the response to Rollin’ in the UK. And if people like it, there is so much more to come!”