One of the biggest releases to ever come out of the Pakistan - Yalghaar - is based on the true story of a military operation in Swat valley against an extremist stronghold.

Pakistani superstar Gohar Rasheed, who was nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the 2012 New York Film Festival, shares  said, “Whatever misconception there is about them, the army, I didn't see that. 

"They are aggressive and strict like people say they are. They are really sweet. They invited us to dinner in their homes; they introduced their families to us. They are very nice people.”

Bilal Ashraf, revealed why it took so long to produce the movie.
He said, “The actual reason behind the delay was the shoot. We lived with the soldiers during the shoot. 

"We use their equipment, their choppers, their men, everything. If anything, God forbid, had to happen. The priority becomes the safety, obviously. The film used to be set on the back burner.” 

Hassan Rana, who’s directed, written and produced the film, shared what makes Yalghaar so different. 

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He said,  “This is not just another action “war” film, it’s more about the life and times of the people involved in a horrible situation, and it’s not preachy at all. 

" have been extremely careful this time – both as a director and as a writer – to make sure that the story drives the action and not the other way around.”
Rana also hopes to change the image of Pakistan that is portrayed in films. "All of us know what the world thinks of us, anyone who has travelled abroad knows this first hand.

"I want to show the world a resilient and wonderful country, a country, which chooses hope over fear. 

"Cinema is the only medium, which can bring about change, you pay money to go and sit in a dark room, and undisturbed, ready to listen to whatever I have to say. So, I choose the words I use in that period of time very carefully.”
Rana gives great credit to his team that consists of actors from diverse working backgrounds, and he is particularly proud of renowned Pakistani actor Shaan.
“There are stars, but Shaan is the sun; he lends his light to other stars for them to shine brighter."
The director added, “I am so fortunate to have Shaan, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui in the film. They collectively represent the best talent we have in this country, and boy, have they made us proud!”