There used to be a time when only community centres would have made this list. But no more...this year’s list is made up of purpose-built centres and Golf Clubs. Remember this is the ‘Asian’ top ten!

(10) Rochdale Town Hall.

This is the oldest venue on our list. Built in 1871 Rochdale Town Hall may to some feel on a par with holding it in a community centre...but come on, the decor has real character. We went to one wedding some time back and it was so welcoming.

(9) Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham.

If you want to pack ’em then this is the venue for you. It has become firm Asian favourite over the years with its spacious entrance and interior.

(8) Turf Moor (Burnley).

Go East Lancashire way and there are few decent sized wedding venues (business idea!) But that doesn’t explain why this place is so busy. One can go to a wedding here almost every weekend of summer...and when they hold weddings Nelson style, they hold them big. So you have to hand it to the team at Turf Moor.

(7) Ewood Park (Blackburn).

For many years the team at Northcote were kind of missing the spot. But in recent years we have seen this become a popular venue for Asians. Great service, parking spaces you could die for and, of course, a fantastic stadium all round.

(6) Eastern Pearl (Manchester).

Decent little place this for the medium-sized wedding and has become more popular over the years. It has not one but two function halls and sometimes you can find a wedding and a mendhi going on at the same time. Oh and they serve Indian AND Chinese food.

(5) Mere Golf & Country Club (Cheshire).

And you thought we wanted to stick to the restaurants and hotels. This little…well grand place is quickly becoming quite popular with those who want to do something that little bit different. Set in a beautiful lakeside setting you don’t even have to drive to your local park to take some snaps. Our visit here last year was a memorable one. Stunning, quaint and service of the highest standard. Oh and it’s ten minutes from the airport...what else could you want?

(4) 3D Centre (Bolton).

This has become quite popular due to it being just so functional. Okay, the parking kind of lets the place down but the 3D centre is great if you want a blank canvas. And you can cram everyone into the same room. Quite a feat really.

(3) The Sheridan Suite(Manchester).

You will be pleased to know the Sheridan Suite has reverted back to its original name. Some smart Alec decided to change the name a while back and that seemed to confuse the hell out of people. The Sheridan Suite has become synonymous with hosting some monster weddings (It can hold 1838 guests). Parking is an issue but name us one Asian wedding where you actually got a good spot?

(2) Jan’s Conference Centre (Blackburn).

The purpose-built centre is perfect for those of us who want to invite a thousand people and still feel kind of relaxed that nothing will go wrong. Whilst it may not ooze the class of a restaurant or a hotel this Conference Centre remains a firm favourite with the community as it does exactly what it says on the tin...and was built for that very accommodate the masses in all their wonderful and spectacular glory!

(1) Nawaab Restaurant (Manchester).

So popular now you have to book months in advance to get a spot. Numerous wedding parties from across the region now travel to the Nawaab to host their weddings. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to admit in terms of numbers this place beats everyone else hands down. The restaurant is now renowned more for its weddings than for anything else. It has become a firm favourite with those who want the best of both worlds. A bit of old-style Asian tradition with a pretty modern-looking restaurant. With recent renovations the restaurant now has three floors catering for your every need. A Nawaab of the wedding venues indeed.

NEW TO OUR LIST...The following are fast becoming major wedding favourites.

Shahi Qila Restaurant (Blackburn): In the last year this restaurant has undergone huge changes. A stunning new double extension means it can cater for hundreds more guests. As popular with mendhis as it is for weddings.

Saffron Restaurant (Manchester): They can pack in over 700 guests and the attention to detail is great. Good website too, which makes a major change.

Britannia Country House Hotel (Manchester): For a small hotel this one certainly makes an impact. The main hall itself might be on the compact side but it reamins classy.