People have taken to Twitter to celebrate the life of a police officer who died outside the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

A total of 12 people were killed including eight editorial staff, one worker, one visitor, one policeman who was on the cartoonists' security detail and one policeman who shot dead on the street. 

Among them was Ahmed Merabet a police officer from Paris, widely described by local media as a married man and a Muslim. 

Graphic footage surfaced in the hours after the massacre of him lying injured on a pavement and apparently raising his arms in defence before one of the gunmen behind the attack shot him dead.

As the gunmen moved closer, Ahmed was seen raising his hand before reportedly asking: "Do you want to kill me?"

The gunman is said to have replied: "OK chief" before shooting him in the head at point blank range and escaping.

The hashtag #iamahmed or #JeSuisAhmed aims to create awareness of how a Muslim man died defending the freedom of others to print what he himself may have found offensive.