And they said we had become all modern and lost the meaning of culture.

There are many things that has baffled professors across the world but nothing more than the complexities of the nara.

A nara…or that rope thingy that holds up the shalwaar is one of the most ingenious ‘devices’ ever invented.

It is the only thing that separates the king from the fool.

Yet, there are those who wish to desecrate this tradition by opting for the elastic. I spit on the elastic people. Okay, when I was a kid I was an elastic person but then once one goes ‘nara’ one never goes back.

A person goes through many stages in life but the move away from elastic to nara is a defining moment. It means you have grown-up.

To be extra careful I would begin by doing the double knot in case the unthinkable happened. And then when the unthinkable did happen loosening that double knot became a mission in itself.

The biggest issue for any nara wearer begins with threading the blasted thing into the shalwaar. This can be a pain especially when your pen breaks half-way through.

There also needs to be a disclaimer on nara’s. This one chap had the Rolls Royce of nara but it snapped at a wedding and he had to walk around holding his pants up. Oh, the sheer embarrassment!

And where do these show-offs come from? They can tell almost instantly if you are regular nara wearer or a wannabe once a year kind of person.

“Look at this stupid boy he doesn’t know how to do the nara. Let us all laugh at him and call him a coconut.”

It can be a pain sometimes because it is unforgiving. If you haven’t tied it just in the right place you will suffer the consequences.

And what is it with people when the nara is showing. So you can see my nara what do I care? And where do the nara twirlers hail from? A law unto themselves that lot.

But there is no finer sight my friends than the large gentleman with a really fat belly lifting his kameez up to do up his nara. The beauty of it can make a grown man weep and many a woman faint.