Dear Massi, My husband is a compulsive liar and it gets him in to so much trouble.

Once he told someone that Shah Rukh Khan was a relative of his. They believed him. And then he said he was coming to our house!

The little white lies did not matter but now he has told some family that he has been sent £200,000 from India.

This has caused me so many problems. Relatives keep ringing up and he is continuing the lie. I am so angry.

The whole situation has got out of hand and we have to pick up the pieces Massi Says, It looks like your husband needs to know the consequences of his actions.

You don’t tell us what happens after it is revealed the lie is a lie?

He needs to find out how this is upsetting you and causing you grief. It looks like he lies and gets you to pick up the pieces.

From now on tell him he must deal with these complaints rather than you. It might also be good to have a word with someone close to him like his friends or relative.