Dear Massi, I am in an awkward situation for telling the truth.

I live with my in-laws and I think I have adjusted quite well considering they are quite old fashioned.

They prefer me to wear shalwar kameez in the house instead of tracksuit bottoms, they don't like me listening to music loudly, and I make sure I wake up early as they hate it when anyone sleeps later than 9am.

I was having a heavier period than normal and I came down a bit later than usual as I had really painful cramps and just needed to lie down for a while.

My father-in-law started lecturing me on how only lazy people get up late and that I was taking advantage of the fact that my husband was away on a business trip, and that is why I was sleeping in.

I got really annoyed and just told him that I had been up for hours but the reason I didn't come down was because I have a really painful period.

My father-in-law got really shocked and angry.

He called me a 'besharam aurat' and said my mother has not brought me up to understand what 'izzat' is.

Massi says, As you said, living with in laws requires a degree of adjustment for all parties involved.

However, there are certain cultural ideals that the older generation sometimes retain.

Whilst you felt you were being factual, your father-in-law appears to have felt affronted by your words.

He should know better than to use such damning words and make an issue out of some thing like this.

There is little you can do to change this mindset.