Dear Massi, I am a 20-year-old Pakistani girl.  My life is such a mess since my parents do not care for me. 

I have asked them a lot of times to get me married off. However they do not listen to me. 

They are not interested in whatever I say.  My father got posted to Dubai for three years in 2014. 

It's been three years that I am here and we will be going back to Pakistan next year. 

I had a boyfriend back home with whom I had to maintain a long distance relationship. 

He cheated on me with a girl in Canada when he went abroad for further studies. 

Ever since I am depressed and I don't want to settle for boyfriends. 

I want a marriage but my family doesn't listen to me.  They think I am joking. 

I am really lonely.

Massi Says, I am sorry that you feel you are so alone.

Breaking up with your boyfriend after trying to sustain a long distance relationship is difficult to get over.

However, as lonely as you feel, jumping into another relationship is not the solution to counter your lonliness.

Marriage in particular is a long term commitment and you need to be ready emotionally for that.

Your parents may not be taking your request to get married seriously on account of your age, or perhaps because you are moving back to Pakistan next year.

Why not take some time out to get involved in social activities that take place locally and make new friends.

Meeting new people is a great way to overcome this feeling of isolation and depression.

Explore a hobby or get involved in some voluntary work.

Don't put pressure on yourself to meet the ideal partner or to rush into marriage.

You deserve to lead an enriched and fulfilled life. Now empower yourself by taking your own steps to make it happen.