Dear Massi, I know you're not a religious scholar but I need some impartial advice.

I went to a study circle and the brother was very vocal about turban style hijabs being haram. And that the woman who adopt this trend love fashion more than Allah.

He said women who wear the hijab in this way usually style it with fitted clothes and heavy makeup and then post selfies on social media.

I made the mistake of asking him why he is looking at Muslim women's pictures on social media in the first place.

I was told I had no right to question the speaker in this way and was then asked to leave the study circle.

Now my friend's aren't talking to me.

Did I really do something wrong?


Massi says, There will always be differing perspectives and alternative schools of thought when it comes to Islamic attire.

You can seek advice from other people who are knowledgeable, but essentially it is a decision you need to reach on your own.

You must be comfortable with how you don the headscarf. No one can dictate that to you.