Dear Massi, I'm a beautician.  I have a client who comes regularly to have her full body waxed.

I get paid well by her as she gets so much done. But it's really off putting when I wax her as she seems to enjoy the pain.

She makes pleasurable sounds when I wax her bikini line. I know how painful that is.

There is no way anyone can enjoy that.

But she makes noises that you would only expect to hear in the bedroom.

I cringe when she starts and I can't get it out of my head for the rest of the day. I'm thinking about cancelling her but the money is just too good.

Massi Says: As a beautician you will encounter all types of people with various needs.

Each one will respond to their treatment differently. P

art of your job description demands that you respect that.

Rather than focusing on the type of noises this client makes, approach this client in a professional manner and keep your attention on the treatment.