Dear Massi, I am seeing a guy who is really good looking and sweet.

But he's really cheap. He brings those 'buy one get one free' vouchers on our dates.

He never lets me order dessert.

On my birthday he said he bought me a teddy bear. He actually took one from his little sister's room and wrapped that up.

For my birthday dinner, he told me to get dressed up in fancy Asian clothes and said that he was taking me somewhere special.

I couldn't believe that we ended up gatecrashing a wedding by pretending to be guests, just so he could have a free 3 course meal.

Other times he conveniently forgets his wallet.

He doesn't make me feel special when he does this.

Shall I dump him?

Massi says, Showing affection and appreciation of each other does not necessarily need to be manifested in monetary terms.

However, your boyfriend's gestures are left somewhat lacking.

Whilst passing off an old teddy bear as a new gift may not be the biggest infraction, gatecrashing someone's wedding contravenes all etiquette.

It appears that your boyfriend is consistent in this type of behaviour.

Express to him directly how how his gestures make you feel.

If he is unwilling to change his stance and it continues to make you unhappy, perhaps it is time to reconsider your relationship.