Dear Massi, I am really good friend's with one of the Muslim mums in my kids nursery.

She always sends me food on Eid and she has introduced me to Bollywood.

Last year she bought me a gorgeous Asian suit on my birthday.

The only issue is that she smells really bad all the time. 

She jokes about how she wears her pajamas under her abaya and how she doesn't need to wash her hair as it's covered.

But it means there's a constant stench just lurking.

We're really good friends and I don't want to say anything that will hurt her feelings. But I have started to feel nauseous when she comes over to talk to me outside the nursery in the morning. Y

Massi Says, This is a very delicate problem that needs to be handled with tact.

Your friend is most likely unaware that she exudes a smell.

Imagine how you would like someone to address such a sensitive issue with you.

In this case, you are good friends with this woman, and she seems to be very generous in her friendship with you.

Speak to her privately and address the problem in a direct and considerate manner.

Tell her that you have recently noticed a change in her scent.

Be kind in your approach so as not to embarrass your friend.