The grooming debate took another turn today as Sayeeda Warsi claimed the community was not speaking out against the crime.

She urged Muslim leaders to address the issue and ensure that men who regard white women as “third class citizens” are isolated by their communities.

But is this really the case? And is race really a factor in how these men are behaving?

And what steps should mosques take to highlight this issue? And what steps can they take. It is unlikely that any of those taking part in such acts would listen to somebody at a mosque anyway.

The point is that this is not a race issue but is has BECOME a race issue. And anyone who argues against it is simply thought to be insensitive against the plight of the victims.

This is simply not the case. This is a sick and twisted crime just like everything else.

We all have sympathy with the victims.

It is though time to state the obvious. This is not an issue exclusive to ‘Asians’. It is also not an issue exclusive to Pakistani men.

The vast majority of those men who take part in the sexual abuse of children are not ‘Asian’ or ‘Pakistani’ men. They are white men.

This is a fact supported by evidence.

Every time a white person is arrested does his background, culture and the way he was brought-up play a part in the reports that follow?

Is it wrong to suggest that black men have been passing white women around in their circles for many years? Would a senior politician ever say this in public?

And what is this ‘culture’ of seeing white women as third class citizens?

If there is anything that actually highlights this culture it is Indian Bollywood movies. Scantily clad background dancers tend to be ’white women’.

These films are aired in UK cinemas. Millions watch them on a weekly basis.

And why are there no Indian women dancing at the side of the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches? All tend to be white women.

Where is the uproar?

One can only dare to think what would happen if a Pakistani film featured scantily clad white women dancing behind a lead actor in a shalwaar kameez.

There is indeed a culture of the degradation of women. But it is not just white women I’m afraid.

In every community you will get people taking part in in criminal activities.

These crimes are highlighted everywhere in the community.

It is about time we stopped apologising for the actions of a sick minority.

This is a twisted crime just like everything else.