With so many titles winning critical acclaim week after week let’s take a quick look at the best titles of the end of 2011.

OCTOBER 14th: Forza 4 (360) - As real, and pretty, as racing gets; but not a huge change from last year. 9/10.

21st: Batman Arkham City (PC/PS3/360) - As a friend said, “it feels like you’re Batman”. Great. 9/10.

21st: Football Manager 2012 (PC/MAC) - A fan’s dream. Few changes but a perfect game. 9/10.

28th: Battlefield 3 (PC/PS3/360) - Battlefield’s rival Call of Duty is a good enough game, but it doesn’t come close to the satisfaction of truly working as a team and conquering an online battlefield (as opposed to running around an area 10%-20% of the size and being repeatedly slaughtered and respawned within periods of seconds). My favourite game on this page. 10/10.

28th: Disney Universe (PS3/360) - Really fun game for kids that you can play too, but offline only! 8/10.

NOVEMBER 4th: Call of Duty MW3 (PC/PS3/360) - Improved, but just barely. A fitting end to the story. 8/10.

4th: Goldeneye Reloaded (PS3/360) - Great remake but no Battlefield or Call of Duty. Retro fun. 7/10.

4th: Sonic Generations (PS3/360) - One of the best Sonic games ever. At last, a return to form. 10/10.

11th: Skyrim (PC/PS3/360) - I’m as bored by Dungeons & Dragons as anybody, and the prospect of becoming a wizard or a dwarf has me reaching for the eject button. But Skyrim is a game so well-made that you can’t help but admire it; not just for the effort that’s clearly gone into it, but how good and quite unique the result is. I’m yet to meet someone who hasn’t become addicted to it. 10/10.

18th: Saints Row III (PC/PS3/360) - Immature mayhem. I don’t see the attraction, but it works. 6/10.

25th: Rayman Origins (PS3/360/Wii) - Entirely new game but classic platformer style. Beautiful. 9/10.