Dear Massi, My mother and father have been arguing a lot recently, and it's become pathetic.

The other day my father insisted that they separate. Neither I, nor my brothers or sisters would want this.

My mother is a strong woman, who will never admit that she is wrong. Please patch-up this family Massi!.

Massi Says, I am sorry that you are getting caught in the middle of all your parents’ arguments.

Parents will often forget that their relationship problems do affect their children which is not fair on you.

It may be difficult but I think it would be really good for you to speak with your parents as they need to know how much this is affecting you and that the uncertainty around their relationship is making you and your siblings really anxious.

If speaking with your parents is going to be difficult then I would maybe try to express my worries to a trusted family member who would be able to speak to your parents on your behalf. Another good way to let them know how you are feeling is perhaps to write it all down which will be an easier way of letting them know how you feel without having to say it face to face.

They need to understand that their issues are causing you guys emotional distress and they need to try to resolve their problems in another way rather than arguing in front of you.

I hope things get better soon.