The English Defence League have sunk to a new low by descending upon the home of a North West MEP.

This weekend they held one of their flash demonstrations outside the home of of Sajjad Karim MEP.

Nobody wants people stood outside their home waving banners with ‘No to Islam’ written on them. Mr Karim was in the house with his wife and two young children.

Let us be frank about this Mr Karim was targeted because he is a Muslim. The fact of the matter is if we were to have a Jewish or Christian politicians targeted in this way with banners…’No to Christianity’ or ‘No to Jews’ written on them there would be national uproar.

No-one deserves to have demonstrators outside of their home regardless of their political opinion. In this case the EDL has shown themselves up and will continue to use cheap and cowardly tactics to gain publicity.

This was an intimidating and provocative act and must be condemned by everyone.