A teenager who has won over a hundred medals in various competitions, has set his sights on becoming world boxing champion.

Hamza Asghar, 16, started to train in kickboxing at the tender age of three. He initially trained at the Bolton Dragons gym.

He was ranked number one in the world in two categories of Kickboxing. He was also European and UK champion and world Budo champion too. Budo Combat League is a fighting competition like UFC.

Hamza has a strict training regime as he trains twice a day before and after school and on weekends.

He won a fight last week in the second round against an 18-year-old in the SFX Strike Fighting Championship which is a new league like UFC.

Hamza will again be fighting for Great Britain in August this year in Kickboxing in the world championship. He will be defending his Budo title in July.

He said: “It feels good to represent Muslims on the world stage, but it’s a lot of pressure. However, I enjoy fighting. Three times a week I train for three hours and on the other days I train for two hours.

“My Kickboxing coach is Carl Thomas and my boxing coach is Rasib Mohammed. I have a close relationship with my coaches, like family.

“I thank my parents for taking me to and from training every day and my coaches for building me into what I am today.

“I was in Athens for my last competition in January. I have won over a hundred medals over the years. I am proud of myself.

“I have won the Austrian Open, the Dutch Open four times and also the Hungarian, Athens and Greece Opens too."

Hamza is well-known on the international scene.

He added: “My ambition is to become an undisputed boxing champion. I'm still focussed on Kickboxing as I will be fighting in the world championships in August. Then I will focus on boxing.

“Rasib, my boxing coach is a top coach, the best around. He is an inspiration to a lot of people and has helped me a lot.

“My next fight will be in July when I will be defending my world title in Budo. In Kickboxing I am the reigning European champion.

“I train regularly at Kickboxing and boxing every day, but I’ve actually never been in a fight in school.

“Going forward I want to be a good role model for youngsters.”

Proud dad Amar said: “Hamza has been training from the age of three, and he has always said he wants to be a champion. He has been chasing the dream for the last decade.

“He is only 16-years-old and spends a lot of time training. The combat sports of boxing and kickboxing go hand in hand. He has represented team GB for the last few years.

“Hamza has been approached by teachers from less privileged areas wanting him to come and give talks at assemblies to kids in his age group to explain that there’s more to life than the streets and that you can achieve anything as long as you remain focussed.”