An Oldham teenager has clinched a silver medal in a prestigious world Taekwondo competition in Bulgaria.

Ikrah Hussain, 13, had four fights in the competition representing Britain and only made her debut on the world stage in March.

Ikrah has been competing in Taekwondo for six years and is currently part of the British Taekwondo Performance Cadet Squad and an International Sports Athlete.

She has been competing at the Horizon LGA Academy on Huddersfield Road for the past three years and holds a second Dan black belt in the sport.

She said: “At first the competition in Bulgaria felt surreal, but I was proud of how far I have come. I have been in other competitions but going to Bulgaria for the second time was a step forward for me.

“It was hard as it was an international competition. It was very different to the UK as it is a level up, but I was very determined.

“Without my coach and my mum I wouldn’t be in this position. My mum always takes me to and from training. My coach helps me train and go to higher levels. I hope to go to the next Olympics.”

Proud mum Naseem said: “Ikrah wants to break down barriers for all ethnicities and increase participation in sport and physical activity for women and girls in all aspects of life.

“As a parent I'm extremely proud of my daughter’s determination and ambition to never give up and become the best athlete she can be

"Ikrah is excelling in her school studies alongside training five to six days a week. This shows her ability of being a phenomenal athlete and an all-rounder as she believes in studying hard and training even harder.

“I plan to allow Ikrah to follow her dreams and achieve all that she puts her mind to.”

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Ikrah's coach Urooj Kareem added: “Ikrah is a two-time national champion. She was the best novice fighter in the country in 2019. She was the best advanced fighter in the country in 2022.

“She has had success since 2019 and has had so many fights and won many medals. She competes in competitions 12-13 times a year.

“I’ve trained her from day one when she was aged just six. She is an amazing student. I call her my Taekwondo daughter."

Urooj sai she was 'one of the hardest workers' in the club.

He said, "Growing up she was too strong for other girls so she would always spar with the boys. Technically she is far above most other fighters out there.

“When I was training in Taekwondo it was only available in affluent areas. People in our community either didn’t know about it or couldn’t afford it. Parents also didn’t want girls and boys to mix.

“I aimed to break down these barriers and reach the masses within the local area. I wanted to form the best Taekwondo team around, but I wasn’t taken seriously at the time.

“Ikrah has won tournaments in novice and advanced divisions up and down the country since 2018.”

Urooj started the club in 2014 with his partner and has seen Horizon LGA pick up a number of wins nationally.

He said: “If we carry on the way we are going the world is our oyster. Perhaps Ikrah will be in the Olympics. She is incredibly hardworking and dedicated. I’ve not had another student like her."