A team who won a major cup final celebrated with their inspirational midfielder who was being treated for a dislocated shoulder on a pitch.

Blackburn FC were competing in the annual Star Tissue UK Football Championships at Witton Park 3g pitches. They were up against Prestwich Marauders in the final with the competition played over three weeks.

The Sunday final saw both teams go head-to-head in front of an expectant crowd cheering on both sides. With 30 minutes of the game played and Blackburn leading 2-0, midfielder Mohbeen Latif went up for a challenge but as he fell he dislocated his shoulder.

Unable to move, an ambulance was called and it was advised not to move him from the spot. However, the caller was told it could take up to two hours for paramedics to arrive.

Following a delay, the game was then moved to the second pitch as Mohbeen was treated on the pitch by first aiders.

Blackburn ran out 3-1 winners and following the trophy presentation players were quick to celebrate alongside their stricken hero who was still at the same spot now with paramedics at his side.

It was the first time a Blackburn side had triumphed in eight years.

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Asian Image:

Both the goalkeeper award (Sameer Jamal) and player award (Curtis Poole) were picked up by Blackburn. Poole scored two stunning goals in the final.

Mohbeen was eventually taken by ambulance, which had arrived an hour later, and was discharged from hospital the next morning. He is presently recovering at home and in good spirits.

Mohbeen said: “I have dislocated it before and once I went down I knew that was it and I was not getting up.

“I could hear what was going on and the loud cheers and people were keeping me informed.

“A huge thanks to the lads and fans who sat next to me throughout.

“It did take the ambulance a while to arrive but once they did they were really good so I can’t really fault them.

“It was good of the players to gather round and celebrate the win with me. Well, they couldn’t really miss me I was right there!”

In the preceding weeks Blackburn had overcome Bolton United and Bradford United to reach the final whilst Prestwich had beaten Cube Bolton and AFC Preston.

This was only the third time a Blackburn side had reached the final in 17 years.