Preston North End (PNE) is opening its doors to the Muslim community for their annual Iftar.

The event is being hosted by Preston North End Community and Education Trust [PNECET] and invites the Muslim community to break their fast on Thursday 30 March at Deepdale with fresh food, water and dates.

The event will be delivered with the support of several partner organisations, including the Preston United Youth Development Programme, Preston City Council, Preston North End Football Club and the EFL.

In addition, the Catering Co. is providing Chicken biryani meals to be served to all attendees on the evening, and similarly, the KGN Food Store in Deepdale will donate fresh water and the traditional dates for all guests.

The event will be held from 6pm until 9pm in the Invincibles Lounge for females and males will be situated in the Guild Lounge – both lounges will accommodate prayer facilities. Entrance is to be made via the North Executive Entrance on Lowthorpe Road.

Mo Patel, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and Community Engagement Officer at PNECET, said: “The event will reflect the holy month of Ramadan for us to show solidarity with those who are fasting, and understand the challenges they are facing, while also joining with the celebrations upon breaking the fast in the evening.

"In addition to our month-long Ramadan initiative, where we are looking to actively get out into the community and engage with local Muslim residents, we’re excited to be running our Break Your Fast event to showcase Deepdale as the heart of the local community.

"We hope that this event can help us to further diversify our fanbase and participant-base, while supporting the continued integration of South Asian residents among our fanbase and encouraging those supporters to feel safe and welcome at Deepdale on matchday.”

For more information and to register your attendance you can email