Boxer Ibrahim Nadim has his eye on an English title fight, provided he can preserve his unbeaten record on Saturday.

The Steeton-born featherweight is 8-0 in his professional career so far, and his next bout is in Oldham this weekend.

The Ricky Hatton-trained 23-year-old admits he has fought a few journeymen in his career so far, but impressive wins over the likes of Jonny Phillips and Raymond Commey have shown he can handle a challenge.

Nadim said: "After this fight on Saturday, I'll be trying to get a Central Area title fight or even an English title bout.

"I definitely feel I'm ready for the step up to either of those.

"I prefer fighting someone more impressive and challenging than a journeyman I know I'm going to beat anyway."

Saturday will be Nadim's first fight since beating John Spencer via technical knockout in July, and only the Keighley man's second bout in the last six months.

The 23-year-old said: "I'm definitely excited for this weekend.

"Even though it's only my second fight in six months, it's my fourth of the year, so it's the busiest I've been as a professional.

"Things stalled a bit for me with the Covid pandemic, but it's been better this year, and I just hope I can keep that going now."

His opponent on Saturday is set to be Romania's Alexandru Ionita (7-15-1), but that was only confirmed earlier this week.

Asked if it was hard to prepare for a bout without knowing who you're up against until the last minute, the Keighley boxer said: "I try not to look too much into my opponent until the day before the fight or the weigh-in, as that's when I know it's all confirmed.

"I've had a few prospective opponents pull out of my fights at short notice, so it's constantly changing, but I expect that to happen at this level."

Nadim is on the same card in Oldham as another boxer from the Bradford District in Tauseef Suleman.

That pair, along with Mohammed Subhaan Ahmed, are the latest young professionals from the region to catch the eye, while the likes of Hamed Ghaz and Amin Jahanzeb have Continental and English title fights respectively coming up.

Discussing the Asian boxing talent in the Bradford District, Nadim said: "I'm 100 per cent proud to be part of that.

"In Keighley and Bradford, there's a few Asian boxers doing well, and it's nice to know we're inspiring people.

"It's something I'm keen on, being a role model for youngsters."

Nadim's trainer is a pretty good role model himself, with Hatton one of Britain's most popular and successful boxers of the last 20 years.

But the Mancunian is still a busy man in his own right, hosting 'An Evening With...' event in Solihull tomorrow, as well as preparing for an exhibition bout against Marco Antonio Barrera in November.

Nadim insisted: "Ricky makes sure he trains us (his fighters) first, and it's straight after that he'll do his own session, or he'll do it before we arrive.

"He's got experience you can't buy, and he rose from the bottom to the top in his career.

"He's fought everywhere and done everything, so you have to listen when he gives you advice."