The '2 Muslim Night Riders' have helped to raise more than £22,000 for the ongoing relief efforts in Bangladesh by raising awareness about an emergency appeal.

The flood waters reached towns and cities throughout the South Asian country. The region which saw most of the destructive power of these floods was Sylhet in the North Eastern region of the country.  

When the lockdowns started, Sheikh Noor Alam and his friend Ahtasham Arfan, popularly known as the 2 Muslim Night Riders, decided to take up cycling for their physical and mental health. They now use their platform to raise awareness and funds for different causes and have fun along the way.

To help the millions of people affected by the floods, Dabbagh Welfare Tust held a emergency live appeal on  July 17 to raise funds for relief efforts and also establish communication with remote areas of the country.

The live appeal started at 5pm and concluded at 11pm.The appeal managed to raise £22,000.

Dabbagh welfare Trust is a charity set up with a focus on using poverty relief funds to tackle debilitating problems created in disaster zones across the world like in Bangladesh. 

Beginning in late May, the deadly floods hit North East India and Bangladesh. Over 9 million people in both countries have been affected, and around 150 have been killed.

People in the affected areas are in urgent need of food and medicine in a country which is still developing and large sections of the population rely on basic income.

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Noor Alam said: “We raised awareness about the fundraising event held by Dabbagh Welfare Trust, we promoted it on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and videos and through Whatsapp groups. We have visited Oldham, Bolton and Rochdale to spread the message.

“We have been approached by many well-known charities, but Dabbagh Welfare trust have a team already on the ground distributing aid and one of my friends was in Bangladesh who was overlooking the distribution.

“The concept of the 2 Muslim Night Riders is like a franchise which anyone can be a part of as  long as they use the brand to motivate, create positivity and well-being in the community.”

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