Birmingham's Raza Hamza next fight will be against Nicaraguan Franco Jose Gutiérrez at the Ponds Forge Arena, Sheffield.

Raza has a record of 16 wins and one draw under his belt and is confident on putting on a show for this legion of fans on November 27.

He said: “2022 will be a big year. Everyone will know who I am.

"Those who ain’t seen me box, I have a few game plans up my sleeve. I can fight, I can box, I can move, all comes down to what mood I’m in on the day. But you can always expect fireworks.”

His fight with Gutiérrez will be Raza’s third IBO fight in as many months. Raza attributes his success in the ring to his early formative years when instead of partying with his friends, he put in the hours training and exercising.

He says he has dedicated his life to boxing, spending his time in the gym and the sauna rather than in bars and clubs.

He said: “Boxing teaches you so much about yourself – it’s like a drug. Go to the gym a few times and you’ll fall in love. Any kid who wants to become a boxer, just know: your whole life changes around you.”

Raza’s mother tragically died when he was just 11 and his brother 3 years ago in a motor cycle accident.

Now 26, Raza plans to continue honouring his mother by fighting for her, he also wants to leave a lasting legacy and is presently making exciting plans for the future. Away from the ring, he wants to set up a charitable foundation in his late brother’s name with several objectives in mind focusing on the well-being of young people.

Raza’s last two fights were in Scotland where he beat Ghana’s Raymond Commey on points and knocked out Luke Fash from Hull.

His boxing influences include Willie Pep, who once won a round without throwing a punch, Joe Calzaghe, Sheffield’s Prince Naseem, Mike Tyson and of course Muhammad Ali; both as a sporting legend and for the way he changes people’s lives.

The Pond Forge Arena match will be shown on Fightzone which has approximately 300,000 subscribers. It is anticipated the fight will be in front of a crowd of 3,000 plus.