Aqib Fiaz came through battles in and out of the ring to extend the unbeaten start to his professional career against Kevin Baldospino.

In action as part of Eddie Hearn’s Fight Camp on Saturday night, the 21-year-old super-featherweight moved to 7-0 as he edged the contest against the Spaniard 77-76 after eight rounds.

It was the top prospect’s first fight in 10 months and post-fight he also revealed that his mother is currently in an induced coma, commending his training team, led by Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis, for getting him through the contest.

“I’m just glad to be back after such a long layoff,” Fiaz said. “It’s good to get back in there and get the win.

“It wasn’t my best performance, but I got the win most importantly. It was emotional to get back in there, especially here as well. It meant a lot to me. I had to come in and do my job no matter what.

"I’ve had a lot going on, and my team have had my back. They’re like father figures to me. They’ve been there for me when I’ve been at my lowest. I’m here today because of them.

“Ten months is probably the longest layoff that I’ve ever had in my amateur career and pro. It’s good to be back."

On the narrow margin of victory, he added: “I felt I did enough to win. It was probably the right decision. He was a tough man. I hurt him a couple of times and he stuck in there and dug in. Credit to him.

"I expected to be better than that, and I definitely am better than that. I need to be better than that. The fight didn’t go the way I wanted to. It’s about learning, and I feel like that’s a good learning fight. I’m definitely better than that, I just need activity. The more time I’m in the ring, the better I’ll be.”

Fiaz is scheduled to be back in action in Bolton on September 11.