Children of all ages from Preston mosques took part in the first Inter Madrasah Games (IMG).

The track and field event held at UCLan Sports Arena over three days saw pupils from madrasahs and mosques compete in a range of sports.

The activities proved to be a hugely popular over a weekend (July 12-14) and it hoped that a similar set of events will be held next year too.

Activities varied from hurdles, sprint, relay to discus, archery, long jump and more. The highlight at the end of all three days, was  the Tug-of-War, when all of the organising team took on the teachers of all the participating madrasahs. 

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Organisers said as well as the competitions, the IMG weekend served a much greater purpose.

Thirty years ago, the main aim of madrasahs was to teach children the Quran and basic concepts and duties of the Islamic faith.

But today, the Muslim community is striving to provide a holistic, healthy education to their children through the madrasah system. 

The IMG’s vision is to provide a platform for madrasahs to teach children the importance of being physically fit, the need to strive for excellence, healthy competition and the value of community spirit and unity - all very important aspects of Islam.

Chief organiser, Fatima Bux Ismail said, “This year was a taster for everybody of what’s to come. The camaraderie and enthusiasm of all the pupils and staff and even the IMG team was a joy to witness, after all the months of preparation.

“We would love to see other towns and madrasahs promote similar initiatives.”

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A parent volunteer said; “It was so fantastic seeing madrasahs coming  together. When we were young, we never had such opportunities to mix with children from other madrasahs and I hope there will be more opportunities to integrate in this way.”

Roll of honour

IMG u10’s
Participants: Darul-Arqam, Aalaam, Al Ansaar, Falah, Zakariyah, Noor-e-Raza, Madina, Jamea.
First place - Al Ansaar
Second place - Jamea
Third place - Falah

IMG U15’s Girls
Participants : Darul-Arqam, Salaam, Al Ansaar, Falah, Zakariyah, Noor-e-Raza, Shahuda, Quwwatul Islam.
First place - Al Ansaar 
Second place - Quwwatul Islam
Third place - Shuhada
(Second and third place was tie which was then decided with a final tug of war

Girls took part in hurdles, javelin, sprint, distance, discus, archery, long jump, relay.
Finished with tug of war between IMG team and Apas (teachers)- IMG team won!

IMG U15’s Boys 
Participants: Darul-Arqam, Salaam, Al Ansaar, Falah, Zakariyah, Huda, Shuhada, Quwwatul Islam.
First place- Al Ansaar (Winners of trophy and shield)
Second place - Darul arqam
Third place - Shuhada

Boys did hurdles, javelin, sprint, distance, discus, archery, long jump, relay.
Finished with tug of war between IMG team and Madrassah Team- IMG team won.