Nothing wets the appetite more than India taking on Pakistan in a ICC Cricket World Cup match.

When is it?
On Sunday June 16 at the Emirates Old Trafford.

Can I still get a ticket?
No way. Most of the tickets were snapped up within 48 hours. But you may be able to pay over a grand for some posh lunch at the Old Trafford football Ground and then get a ticket to the match. That's the rumpour anyway.

Can I watch it anywhere else in Manchester?
The city will also be screening cricket matches live in the Cathedral Gardens. It has a capacity of 3,000.

Is this the biggest rivalry in sport?
Yes, And then yes again. Forget the Merseyside derby, the Ashes and el-Classico and all those other poxy matches. This is the biggest game in sport - fact.

Asian Image:

Pakistan's Mohammad Amir (right) celebrates the wicked of West Indies' Darren Bravo during the ICC Cricket World Cup group stage match at Trent Bridge, Nottingham. Tim Goode/PA 

Who is likely to have more fans?
India always tend to outnumber the Pakistanis at such matches and that is likely to happen again.

What happened the last time they met in a tournament?
Pakistan finally beat India in the Champions Trophy final at the Oval in June 2017.

How important is this match? 
In the grand scheme of things not that important as teams have to play a whole bunch of games to qualify. But neither nation wants to lose this one.

What is more important?
Pakistan vs Bangladesh: This could well end up being a more important fixture for both sides as it takes place on July 5. A day later Australia play South Africa.

Are there any parties going on? 
There is actually. The Bharat Army (India’s biggest supporters group) are celebrating 20 years and they are going to mark the occasion by hosting a fan concert ‘Bharat ke Saath’ on 15 June at Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse.

What’s the head to head record?
Pakistan may have won more one-day games against India but when it counts India have the better record in World Cup tournaments. India have won 6 out of 6 matches against Pakistan in the World Cup. They have also won all 5 World Twenty20 matches.

Who is favourite to win?
See above record.