AMAR Kayani hopes to move his Kayani Camp Boxing Club into bigger facilities because of an increase in demand.

Kayani, 23, is the middleweight English Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) national champion and, despite having a law degree, insists his heart lies in boxing.

The Kayani Camp currently runs from Wexham Court Parish Hall on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Kayani lives in Chester Road, Slough and works for Avarto in the BMW department.

He told the Observer: “I graduated with a law degree last year but I’m not looking to take it any further. Boxing is where my heart is.

“Its very busy but we do what we can with the limited facilities. It’s really really intense. We’re hoping to move by the time the summer hits as it will be too hot to breath.

“We’ve got 50 to 60 boxers and we had to split into two sessions. I just teach them what I’ve been taught.

“I trained at High Wycombe Boxing Club. I’m still a member and train there.”

“I started boxing when I was 15 and had my first fight when I was 16.

“It was my father who got me into it. He showed me lots of Muhammed Ali videos on little cassette tapes.”

Kayani’s father, head of finance for Wexham Court Parish Council, Sarfaraz Khan, is a former boxer.

Kayani added: “I wanted to do something for the kids, to keep them off the streets. Boxing is all about discipline.”

Kayani will fight for in the ABA Elites category in London next month.

He is not interested in going into law and wants to become a professional boxer.

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