Bolton United take on holders Coppice United in the final of the AMT Lawyers sponsored Asian Image Cup.
As finals go this one is as tough to call as last year.
Bolton United have had an amazing season in their league.
They made light work of Life FC in their first game smashing in seven. Four days later they started a little more apprehensively against Paak United but once they got their noses in front the free-flowing football was wonderful to watch.
Their attacking options at the moment seem limitless and in many respects this is the strongest Bolton team we have seen at this tournament since they first took part.
Striker Ali has already bagged five goals and in Abdullah and Nadir, they have forward men who simply terrorise defences into submission.
But we did notice how this Bolton side was little more resolute than the ones before it. They were able to stand firm against Paak and Life during periods where the opposition tried their utmost to break-up their play.
What was even more apparent was how they managed to close-down the opposition from the front forcing teams to lose possession. this might be ploy that works well in the final.
Coppice United though cannot be discounted. They came through a tricky tie against Bury Town. After going behind they hit five.
Coppice looked like a sharper team than years gone by and much more lethal on the counter.
In the semi-final they were forced to defend for long periods against Blackburn FC in a game which eventually ended in stalemate. Both clubs had essentially cancelled each other out.
The penalties were all dispatched with lethal accuracy but sooner or later someone had to miss. Team Coppice hit eight straight penalties to win it…which is not easy.
The Oldham have come through a tougher route to get to the final but this was always going to be final of two of three clubs.
Coppice have a habit of pulling out wins when you least suspect it and have proved it over and over again.
They simply do not know when they are beat.
Here, they have an opportunity to win the trophy for an unprecedented third season in a row.
In their path stands a team that is playing some great football who, if they can bury the demons of 2011 may go on to dominate the tournament in years to come.
If there ever was a Germany vs Spain fixture then this is it.
NOTE DATE CHANGE: The AMT Lawyers sponsored Asian Image Cup final kicks off at 6pm at Little Wembley, the Home of Nelson Football Club on Sunday May 12.

Head to Head Asian Image Cup 2013
Bolton 11 Oldham 6.
Conceded: Bolton 0 Oldham 3.
Captains:  Ayas Khan (Bolton) vs Shez Rashid (Coppice).
Danger men: Shakeel Abdullah (Bolton) vs Danny O’Connell (Coppice).
Key battle: Safwan Patel (Bolton) vs Shabbir Ali (Coppice).