Kurdish activists, left-wing politicians and anti-racism groups have demonstrated in Paris after three people were killed at a Kurdish cultural centre in an attack that prosecutors say was racially motivated.

The shooting in a bustling neighbourhood of central Paris also wounded three people, and stirred up concerns about hate crimes against minority groups at a time when far-right voices have gained prominence in France and around Europe in recent years.


The suspected attacker was wounded and is in custody. He is a 69-year-old Parisian who was charged last year with attacking migrants and was released earlier this month.

He is facing potential charges of murder and attempted murder with a racist motive, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

France Shooting ProtestProtesters gather in Paris (Lewis Joly/AP)

Thousands gathered on Saturday at the Place de la Republique in eastern Paris, waving a range of flags representing Kurdish rights groups, political parties and other causes.

The gathering was largely peaceful but some youths threw projectiles and skirmished with police firing tear gas. Some protesters shouted slogans against the Turkish government.

The shooting shook the Kurdish community in the French capital and put police on extra alert for the Christmas weekend.

France Shooting ProtestDemonstrators throw objects during the protest (Lewis Joly/AP)

The Paris police chief met members of the Kurdish community on Saturday to try to allay their fears ahead of the rally.

Friday’s attack happened at the cultural centre and a nearby restaurant and hair salon.

Interior minister Gerald Darmanin said the suspect was clearly targeting foreigners, and had acted alone and was not officially affiliated with any extreme-right or other radical movements.

The suspect had past convictions for illegal arms possession and armed violence.

France Paris ShootingThe scene of the attack on Friday (Lewis Joly/AP)

Kurdish activists said they had recently been warned by police of threats to Kurdish targets.

In 2013, three Kurdish activists, including Sakine Cansiz, a founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, were found shot dead at a Kurdish centre in Paris.

Turkey’s army has been battling against Kurdish militants affiliated with the banned PKK in south-east Turkey as well as in northern Iraq.

Turkey’s military also recently launched a series of air and artillery strikes against Syrian Kurdish militant targets in northern Syria.