A vocalist has spoken of the reasons behind highlighting issues such as abortion and the injustices of the caste system through her lyrics.

Sujata was raised with a multi-faith background by her grandmother in India, and then by her parents in England.

As a young 6-year-old girl, Sujata dreamt of becoming a singer. Through childhood bullying and conflicts in her own community as an adult, she said she found her expression in singing and writing.

She was then inspired by artists such as Dolly Parton, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Slash.

Sujata said: "I write lyrics when I'm angry or sad. My emotions just burst out into lyrics on paper and notes on my keyboard.

"My songs convey emotions that I find difficult to speak about".

Her album 'She Lives in a Dream' is a reflection of her life experiences, beliefs, issues and matters of the heart. Sujata's lyrics spotlight topics such as the prevalent injustice of the caste system in Indian culture (Only One Religion) and abortion of female babies (Too Much Rain). 

Produced and arranged by Kuljit Bhamra, the music fuses strong, rocky guitar chords with 'in your face' sitar riffs and tablas. 

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