It is time to change your profile pictures, share some videos and WhatsApp your friends. We are so predictable when it comes to Israel and Palestine.

Throw in Ramadan and we have the perfect mix where seemingly quiet and mundane Muslims become concerned citizens overnight.

For those not aware there have been countless atrocities committed by the Israeli government over the years. These have included torture, assassination and outright war crimes.

Yet, I find it a little concerning that we are only bothered about Palestine. The enemy is a familiar one as are the tactics.

This is by no means saying the Palestine cause is one which should not concern the world. We know full well how the occupation is reported. Western countries which will invade other nations in the name of freedom and self-determination turn a blind eye to the crimes of Israel.

The same level of commitment – the call for MP’s to write to the Prime Minister, the public statements and the protests are strangely missing when it comes to other causes.

We only want to call out crimes committed by others against Muslims.

An apt example of this is the war in Yemen. Yes, we will raise it every so often when the charity we are supporting decides to throw some money their way but we are unlikely to call for a boycott of the aggressor. The British sell weapons to kill children in Israel and we also sell bombs to kill children in Yemen.

Yet, we are not obliged to change our WhatsApp profiles and call out the Saudi Arabian government for their war crimes. We don’t do this because the perpetrator is Muslim. It is a Muslim country who is also a custodian of the holy sites. Instead, we heap praise on the Saudi’s for their ‘wonderful organisation’ and how I can’t wait to go back and live a 5 star hotel when I visit for the umpteenth time.

My timeline is full of people sharing Palestine videos. Which I have no issue with whatsoever, What I do have a problem is how much of this is done to appease our own gut-wrenching guilt and to show our friends and people we may know that ‘I care’. I want my followers to know I that ‘I care’ and so should you.

These same people tend to go quiet and only rear their heads when the cause is ‘Palestine’. The rest of the time they are sharing garish pictures of make up, Boris Johnson being Islamophobic and whether some chocolate is haram.

Like I said. Send the WhatApp texts out, post a picture on your stories and share some videos. This time next week this will be the last thing on your mind as you tuck into a steak at a restaurant. We shall meet again soon though - the next time you awake from your ‘politicised’ slumber.