Uber has announced it will be hosting special Iftar dinners in selected cities for drivers and couriers. 

 ‘Sundown Spots’ consists of pop-up restaurants offering complimentary Iftar meals after sunset, aiming to express gratitude to the hardworking delivery couriers and Uber drivers working throughout Ramadan. 

The first ‘Sundown Spot’ will open its doors in London on 28 March at the Halal restaurant Turkuoise, followed by takeovers in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, and Manchester. 

Each location will prepare bespoke menus for diners along with having a designated area for prayer ahead of iftar. 
'Open for Suhoor’ also went live this week and highlights the thousands of restaurants on the app that are extending their hours for Suhoor, which is the pre-dawn meal eaten before the daily fast begins. 

In 2023, Uber Eats saw over 2,400 UK restaurants extend their opening times on the app to cater to those observing Ramadan. Additionally, 288 dessert restaurants across the UK extended their hours of operation during the holy month.
Matthew Price, General Manager UK, Ireland, and Northern Europe at Uber Eats said: “The Open For Suhoor campaign is an excellent demonstration of how Uber Eats is supporting not only our customers observing Ramadan but also our outstanding restaurant partners across the UK who are extending their opening hours during this holy month. 

"We're also delighted to reintroduce our Sundown Spots iftar dinners to express our appreciation to our incredible drivers who continue to work with Uber whilst fasting. We are also offering a to-go option for couriers who wish to keep delivering on Uber Eats during this time.”