A HEARTBROKEN sister has spoken out after her brother's death calling those involved in his murder "monsters."

Mohammed Shah Subhani, 27, was killed by Amraj Poonia, where his body was rolled up in a carpet and dumped in a woodland in Gerrards Cross on May 7, 2019.

Later that day, Poonia “unashamedly” went to the Subhani family home in Hounslow and acted as if nothing had happened.

Following a trial, Amraj Poonia, 27, aka Bigs, was found guilty of murder.

Members of Mr Subhani’s family wept in court as the jury returned verdicts after nearly 40 hours of deliberations.

Following the verdict, the victim’s sister, Iqra Subhani, described those involved in her brother’s death as “monsters”.

She told the PA news agency: “Before Shah passed away we were a very happy family. We had everything. A life full of happiness. After losing Shah it is a different world that we’re in. Nothing’s the same. You just don’t know how to get by.

“It’s been a very difficult, tormenting time for all of us, especially my parents, to see the final moments of Shah’s life and to hear about what these monsters done to my brother. To know of the last things that happened to him when he died, and after he died, it gives you nightmares.

“We’ve waited for years but, now that we know the truth, it’s horrifying, truly heart-breaking.

“Some of the boys that were involved in Shah’s murder grew up with us, they were like our family, they came to our house every day, ate on the same plate as us.

“To see such treachery and betrayal – to kill my brother and then to come to my house the same night saying that you’re helping us find him – you can only imagine how heartless these people are."

His brother Raneel Poonia, 26, aka Ace, and Gurditta Singh, also 26, were cleared of the offence.

Riad, 23, known as Emz, and Mahamud Ismail, 26, aka Skinny and Major, were found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

Another defendant, serving prisoner Mohammed Shakeel, 29, was cleared of that charge.

Iqra added: “It’s been a very long and difficult journey for me and my family and we’d like to thank Vicky and all her team and every single officer that helped recover my brother’s remains and everyone that helped in playing a part in getting Shah the justice that he deserves.

“And I want to thank the witness that came forward and we are very thankful to you, may God bless you.”

“They’re not even humans. They’re like monsters because I don’t think any normal person could kill someone that they know and then come to their house and act like nothing’s happened. You have to be a monster to do something like that.”

She described her brother as “very loving” and “family orientated” and said he had “filled our lives with joy”.

On the guilty verdicts, she said: “My brother waited a very long time for this justice. I feel like somewhere his soul will find peace. It will never bring Shah back to us but it will give us that peace that these people who have done this horrible, horrible, horrible crime are brought to justice.”