'Bhangra Symphonica' will see Bhangra music with classical music to the backdrop of a historic venue.

Bhangra Rock band, 'Kissmet' and one of the UK’s top chamber orchestras, 'Orchestra of the Swan', join are set to join forces to perform at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire on Wednesday 9 August.

The fusion of the two musical genres is the brainchild of Ron Singh from Kissmet and David Le Page from the Orchestra of the Swan.

They said: “The creation of Bhangra Symphonica, blending two totally different musical genres, is such an exhilarating experience which will challenge and excite us as artists and performers. 

"We are so proud of our collaboration and believe it will be a mind-blowing concert.

"The melange of Bhangra and Classical music not only works incredibly in harmony together, but we feel it is representative of modern multicultural life. 

"As with music and life in general, anything and everything is enhanced once you broaden your horizons and embrace alternative influences.” 

Kissmet have performed all over the world, sharing stages with Kaiser Chiefs, Duffy, Nitin Sawhney, and Asian Dub Foundation.

Orchestra of the Swan said they love crossing genres and mixing styles, from Bach to Bowie and Rameau to Radiohead.

Ron Singh said: ‘What’s most important is the incredible vibe and energy that can be generated by people of all faiths, backgrounds, colours, gender and culture coming together to create something powerfully positive, infectious and memorable.’  

Tickets can be purchased here at Bhangra Symphonica