The father of Hina Bashir has said that animals would treat his daughter better than her “evil” killer did.

Muhammad Arslan, 27, has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 20 years for murdering 21-year-old Ms Bashir, and jailed for five years concurrent for perverting the course of justice after he tried to conceal her body.

Bashir Khan, Ms Bashir’s father, made a victim impact statement, read out in court, in which he spoke of the “thick fog of grief” that enshrouds his family who are “deeply devastated” and whose hearts have been “broken beyond words”.


The father had attended the entire trial and wrote the impact statement on behalf of Ms Bashir’s mother, her four sisters and one brother, all of whom were “too traumatised” to make a statement.

Ms Bashir was the eldest of six siblings who are between the ages of 12 and 18.

Mr Khan said the “nightmare” began before police found Ms Bashir’s body, when she was reported as a missing person.

The family were in Pakistan and “felt helpless”, which the court heard led to sleepless nights.

“She was only 21 when she was killed by Muhammad Arslan,” Mr Khan said.

“She had her whole life ahead of her. This has now been taken away from all of us.”


The court heard Ms Bashir came to the UK to study and wanted to do a PhD before returning to Pakistan.

Speaking of how proud he was, Mr Khan said: “She was the only girl in the village to come to the UK.”

He called her a “beautiful, bubbly girl” who was “happy”, who made her family laugh and who looked after and cared for her younger siblings.

“I can’t go out and face people,” the father continued. “I know they will ask about Hina and I can’t face telling people and reliving the nightmare again.”

He spoke of how the loss has “deeply affected” his wife, who has been hospitalised on numerous occasions and takes medication.


Their children will not go out alone because they are scared, the court heard.

“I feel I can’t emotionally support them at this time,” Mr Khan said.

One of his other daughters had wanted to come to the UK to study but has changed her mind and her family do not want her to go, the court heard.

Mr Khan went on: “I thought the UK was a highly safe country and we trusted the UK with our daughter.”

The court was told that Mr Khan owned a farm in Pakistan but came to the UK to assist with the murder investigation and is now “financially crippled”.

Turning to his experience of attending the trial, Mr Khan said he has had to listen to and see “extremely distressing” evidence.

“Every day I go home I inform my wife what happened in court,” he went on.


“As my wife is not emotionally strong enough… I have had to keep some of the distressing details from her.”

He said he has no one else to talk to.

Mr Khan continued: “Every day I have to sit in the same room as this man who took Hina away from us.

“I have no words to describe how I felt listening and seeing this vicious man talk about my daughter.

“I felt throughout court he showed no remorse for what he has done.”

He said Arslan did not even show his daughter respect after he killed her.

“Animals would treat my daughter better,” Mr Khan said.

“He treated her in a heinous and brutal way.”

The father asked that the court hand down an appropriate sentence for Arslan for treating Ms Bashir in an “evil” way and to ensure he cannot “destroy” another life.