A council chamber resonated with Sikh prayers for the first time in nearly seven centuries.

Preston City Council hosted the event which was led by a delegation from the Guru Nanak Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Bow Lane,  including volunteers Dr. Amrit Kaur and Dr. Gurpreet Singh, and students Khushi Kaur, Satveer Kaur, Navroop Kaur and Rajandeep Singh. 

The event began with a recitation of the Mool Mantar, a central Sikh prayer embodying Guru Nanak Dev Ji's teachings.

Traditional Sikh greetings, 'Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,' foster a deeper sense of belonging and gratitude towards the divine God, organisers explained.

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Dr. Amrit Kaur said, "Participating in this event was an immensely moving experience for me.

"Witnessing Sikh prayers resonate within the council chamber after centuries was a moment of profound validation and pride.

"Representing the entire Sikh community in such a historic setting was both an honor and a responsibility.

"It served as a poignant reminder of our commitment to uphold the values of equality, compassion, and inclusivity that are at the core of Sikh religion." 

The delegation, extended their gratitude to Mayor Yakub Patel for the inclusive event invitation.