A 26-year-old man has been jailed for attacking and sexually assaulted two women working as sex workers.

The attacks took place within minutes of each other and occurred extremely close in location. Hussain was found guilty of attempted rape and actual bodily harm and sentenced to life, with a minimum term of 12 years imprisonment.

Hussain refused to attend court on Thursday and as such, HHJ Manley adjourned the case until Friday, allowing him another opportunity to attend. Hussain again refused to attend and was sentenced in his absence. 

In the early hours of 10 August 2022, Hussain attacked and sexually assaulted the two women  in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester.

The court heard how the victims said that when Hussain initially spoke with them, he was friendly and likeable. Both described that his violence erupted suddenly, without warning after initially paying for services.

The women described sustained violence in which Hussain strangled them and took them to the ground, causing them to fear that they were going to be murdered.

The women begged him to stop and how he, far from stopping, added insult to injury by taunting and humiliating them, dismissing them as “b*****s”, telling one of them he was going to rape her, and demanding another “call me a dirty rapist”.

The first attack came to an end when a passer-by disturbed Hussain. The second ended when the victim pulled Hussain’s trousers down to his ankles to enable her to run away.

Prompt reports of these distressing events were made to the police by the victims.

Following a CCTV trawl, footage confirmed that Hussain was the offender GMP were looking for. When his flat was searched, a man bag he was wearing at the offending times was found to have on it the blood of one of the victims.

Detective Sergeant Natasha Feerick, of GMP’s North Manchester CID, said: “Firstly, I must praise the bravery of the women coming forward, this case has been extremely tricky to navigate.

“The victims have often stated how they didn’t feel like they would be believed due to their work. The details alleged by the complainants revealed Hussain to be a man who revelled in their suffering and who took delight in degrading and humiliating them.

"One of the women has very sadly passed away since making her report. 

“The women promptly came forward to report what Hussain had done to them. Neither of the victims still alive have sought to hide facts about their work – indeed both fully admit that they initially consensually performed sexual services for Hussain for payment.

“Ultimately, regardless of their work or how the encounter began, the victims came forward because they, as with any other person, have autonomy over their bodies, and shouldn't be subjected to sexual abuse. They wanted the man who violated them brought to justice.

"They hadn't ever reported a sexual offence to the police before and one of the victims found it extremely traumatic to give evidence - it was very difficult to get her to come to court, which we understand is common with offences of this nature.

“Today’s sentencing is testament to the courage of these women coming forward. They have enabled us to put a dangerous offender behind bars and away from harming more women.

“As a team of officers, we want to get the message out there for victims to feel safe reporting crime to GMP. No matter what you do, or who you are, we will support you and treat you with the dignity you deserve and expect. If you talk to us, we will listen to you.”