A Manchester group is calling on Muslims to 'suspend' working with public organisations and projects.

The Manchester Muslim Community (MCC) announcement comes following the position statements from officials on the ongoing crisis in Gaza. The group said it was was formed in the aftermath of the Manchester Arena Bomb attack in 2017, to make make clear that 'British Muslims rejected hate'.

Since its formation, MMC says it has participated in forums and consultations with official bodies and faith and civic groups to ‘overcome division and stand with the vulnerable’.

A statement from the group read: "The organisation has stated that it was driven by the ‘assumption’ that all stakeholders and partners shared a common set of principles including the primacy of the rule of law, British values and the sanctity of life. However, they now question whether their efforts with ‘honesty and good faith’ were one-sided..

"Following Hamas’ attack on Israel on October 7, the political leaders and Western media has been clear in their stance of supporting Israel to ‘defend’ itself. MMC states that these leaders have been ‘veraciously cheerleading the bloodlust that has ensued’.

"The Palestinian Health Ministry have announced that Israeli airstrikes have killed over 4,300 people since the war began.

"The message from the political leaders on the suffering of the Palestinians, has left MMC feeling that they have lost their sense of safety as British Muslims and they are not equal, nor do they matter.

"There is little value in continuing the ‘abusive’ relationship with public bodies. The community is asking sister organisations to evaluate their working relationships and pause engagement with the civic organisations."

The MMC said they had drawn particular attention and bewilderment to the statement released by the Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham on October 13.

Earlier this month, the group had had responded to the Mayor who posted a message condemning the actions of Hamas and also called out anyone celebrating ‘acts of terrorism’.

They called for clarification on areas where Muslims had targeted their Jewish neighbours.

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham had posted: “The killing of hundreds of innocent people by acts of terrorism is something that should be denounced and never be celebrated on the streets of Manchester.

“We know people in our Jewish community will be deeply worried about the events in Israel and we will be supporting them at this time.

“We deplore any attempt to threaten Jewish businesses and will ensure the strongest action is taken against those that do or carry out any acts of hate or intimidation aimed at the Jewish community.”